How Willy the whale helps us save the world

December 21, 2023

In nature, everything is connected – even though it might not be so obvious at first sight. The interactive story of Willy the whale shows children what interdependence practically means for their own and others’ lives. After several performances in Germany and Nepal in 2023, this unique program gave many kids the opportunity to experience why protecting whales and the ocean is so important for our own survival on this planet.

Preparing children for the challenges of our times

Children will be most affected by climate change and other imbalances of the planetary system. To enable them to act courageously for a common future, it is important for them to understand how closely everything in nature is connected and that nature needs protection to preserve life.

Even though children still have a more direct access to this universal fact of life, information overload and countless distractions often prevent them from gaining a deeper understanding and applying it to everyday experiences in their own creative way.

Rediscovering the magic of nature with Willy the whale

To support what is natural in all of us and to practically show the meaning of interdependence, we developed the interactive journey with Willy the whale as part of Akasha Education.

Together with diver Tilda, children follow Willy and explore the magical underwater world. They learn how our decisions and actions have an effect on whales and their habitat – no matter if we live close to or far from the sea. They also reveal the secret of the whales’ superpowers, which protect the resources of life and help us and all beings on our beautiful blue planet to survive: Thanks to whales we all have enough oxygen to breathe and carbon dioxide is absorbed from the air. Here you find more background information.

Willy’s journey creates a space for children, where they have time to observe and draw their own conclusions from facts nature provides us with. The program is intended for children between 5-10 years as well as their parents and educators. After the 40-minutes interactive story children have the chance to transform their impressions into pieces of art, which they may use to communicate their learnings to others.

Review and outlook

So far, we have had the chance to offer this unique program already a few times both in Germany and Nepal reaching more that 100 children, parents and teachers. Witnessing the kids’ creativity and their practical approach to the challenges whales, the ocean and the entire planet are facing is a truly inspiring and hopeful experience.

Elena Melcher,
Nord Süd Forum München e.V.

“Willy’s journey has been an absolute special experience, incomparable to other kids programs. It was so fascinating how easy scientific facts were presented to the kids. Even a few days afterwards my son kept talking about what we need to do to protect whales and ourselves. Especially, the topic about plastic pollution and how it affects whales clearly made him understand that our actions have consequences. I myself learned so much, too!”

Driven by the kids’ natural curiosity and willingness to learn, we are planning to offer the program to more children at Akasha Academy as well as other locations in the months to come.

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