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Warm through the winter – school clothing for children in Nepal

Our aim is to provide winter school uniforms to young students in Nepal to support their health and education. With your support, we can help more students to attend school regularly, to stay healthy and to feel confident.

New reforestation and nature restoration project starts in Suntakhan, Nepal

Protecting the precious resources of life is one of the goals of Akasha Academy – and one way to do this is through reforestation and nature restoration.

Review of Tshethar Ritual, Munich 2023

TK Rinpoche performed the Tshethar ritual in Gauting where over two thousand trout were released into their new life in freedom in the river Würm. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Akasha Bakery: establishing a social business in Nepal

We are establishing a bakery to produce healthy snacks for schoolchildren in Nepal. In cooperation with public schools, we offer the baked goods as an alternative to the conventional range of sweets and additionally conduct workshops on nutrition.

Establishing a model farm for regenerative agriculture

Akasha Academy is dedicated to protect soil as a precious resource of life. One means to do so is regenerative agriculture.

Health Camp in Okhreni

Akasha Academy is dedicated to foster health care, prevention and health promotion. One way to do so, are regular health camps in rural areas of Nepal.

Global Guardians – Protecting the Elements of Life

Long Yang NGO launches children’s program this spring. In 5 interactive workshops, children learn about the 4 elements water, fire, earth, air and their qualities in a playful way.

Warm winter school uniforms for more than 850 students in Nepal

Many schools in Nepal, especially in the rural areas, lack heating and electricity. We have provided more than 850 new warm school uniforms to keep the young students warm during winter.