Enabling change for the future on our planet

Protecting life on our precious planet requires courage, creativity and financial resources. With all our projects and programs, we enable people to find practical solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time and encourage them to become change agents in their surroundings. With your donation, you enable us to make our common vision reality: creating conditions for the survival of humanity.

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Fields of support

Creating conditions for freedom of choice

Our integrated education approach based on Universal Ethics enables young people to develop a comprehensive view of the world, discover their individual abilities and make their own decisions in life. That way, they will be able to create innovative solutions that are of benefit for all.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and creating a safe space for women

A healthy body and mind are prerequisites to live an independent life and to generate the capacity to help others. With health counseling, awareness programs and basic health care services we support a healthy life, prevention and cure. Since women are key to saving the planet, Akasha Academy is especially dedicated to improving their health and safety.

Protecting the resources of life

As a flagship project for sustainability, Akasha Academy restores and safeguards nature through regenerative land use, sustainable building, reforestation and circular resource managment. With our community trainings, we create awareness about the interdependence between environment and health and offer practical solutions for protecting both.

What your donation can do

9€ per month

help a young woman find orientation in her further education and life. Your donation covers the monthly career counselling costs for one Akasha trainee

27€ per month

make a healthy and sustainable life possible. Your donation covers the costs for a daily lunch for one student with homegrown, organic ingredients for one month. 

54€ per month

can change a woman’s life. Your donation covers her monthly scholarship fees of the Akasha Traineeship. 

108€ per month

help to protect natural resources and biodiversity. Your donation covers the monthly salary of a part-time farming assistant on our model farm for regenerative agriculture.