Freedom of Choice Education Fund


Many young people in Nepal who come from underprivileged families often do not have a chance to get proper education and to make their own choices in life. Particularly young women who are expected to get married at an early age or who live in abusive families need support to get access to profound education.

The goal of the Freedom of Choice education fund is to give young people in Nepal a chance to get quality education and provide them a safe space to learn and grow.

Educate. Enable. Empower.

We have been active in Nepal since 2012. Our experience from different education projects has shown that a dysfunctional family environment is one of the main reasons for girls not to attend school or continue their education.

For this reason, we do not just provide the financial means for some students to get further education but also offer a safe environment for them to learn and grow. We also provide counseling for those coming from abusive backgrounds. With high-quality workshops we enhance young people’s confidence and help them find their own educational and career paths. Our work is focused on the Gokarneshwor region near Kathmandu.

What your donation will achieve

Providing high-quality trainings and workshops to prepare students for further educational and career paths

Covering fees for international certifications such as IELTS


Providing therapy and support for students coming from abusive backgrounds

Covering tuition fees, and costs for accommodation and food during studies

Every big change starts from a small action

Education just for one student can make a big impact and your support can help to bring about a change in a whole community.

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Steps to become an education supporter

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