Akasha Academy is an institution for learning and practice of ancient, yet modern holistic healing with the foundation in the original Vajrayana Buddhist path. The White Lama, Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche guides all practitioners and students as the spiritual head of the Academy. Akasha Academy offers both regenerative medical service to clients and the Akasha training system to students.

The Akasha medical or holistic service is comprised of skillful medical methods of various levels to enhance and regenerate the physiological functions of the human body. These include methods to approach the systemic functioning boosting and regulating of bodily tissues to facilitating self-regeneration. Aesthetics and immunological aspects are included up to levels also employed by Ayurvedic clinics. The highest level of service includes energetic treatment as well as Mantra treatment to facilitate systemic regeneration.

The educational-spiritual aspect of the Academy is part of the NGO, whereas the client service part of the business model has been established to support the Academy.

Akasha training is an indispensable preparatory and accompanying training for successfully practicing the original Vajrayana Buddhist path, which is the heart of the Academy. This path contains some of the practices originating at the time of the first wave of Vajrayana teachings transmitted in Tibet, which was the time before the major schools of Tibetan Buddhism had evolved. The more advanced stages of this practice path will enable the skilled practitioners to employ also the medical and healing applications transmitted as part of this path to aide those in need.

Akasha Academy has been created to open and offer trainings and healing internationally, while Akasha Academy Headquarters is located in Kathmandu Valley.