The White Lama

Buddhist Master Practitioner

The White Lama, Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche is the spiritual head of Akasha Academy. He is a Yogi and Master practitioner of an ancient Buddhist practice path. He has been practicing and teaching Dharma, meditation and healing arts for over 40 years.

He is dedicating this lifetime to reviving and preserving this ancient Universal Wisdom and making it accessible for future generations.

Following his vision, Akasha Academy shall be a stronghold for wisdom and compassion: creating conditions for Freedom of Choice and the practical application of Universal Ethics.

Preserving ancient Wisdom

Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche has dedicated his life to bring back a lost practice path of original Buddhism – the path of Manjushri, Buddha of wisdom. He has worked for decades searching, restoring and digitalizing ancient texts to preserve their wisdom. These precious texts are difficult to find and if they are found – they are usually in a very bad state. Therefore, the text restoration work is very demanding yet invaluable.

To revive this ancient wisdom, a living transmission is necessary. TK Rinpoche has been finding and receiving these transmissions in Bhutan, India, Nepal, Mongolia, China and Tibet.

By preserving and reviving this ancient wisdom, TK Rinpoche makes an authentic practice path accessible for the future generations – to aid the survival of humanity.

Healing Arts

As a certified naturopath and master of healing arts, TK Rinpoche has acquired a deep knowledge of alternative medicine and classic Chinese medicine techniques through years of practice. He has a professional background in Western and Eastern holistic medicine.

Universal Ethics and Akasha Training

Through fundamental teachings on Universal Ethics and corresponding physical training, TK Rinpoche makes these universal principles accessible to people with a non-sectarian attitude from all cultures, religions and social classes.

TK Rinpoche teaches the Akasha Training as the physical part of Universal Ethics. The training serves both as a preparation to an authentic Buddhist path of practice, and for general regenerative purpose. Focusing mainly on teaching in English, the White Lama is also fluent in Tibetan and German.

Rituals of original Buddhism

Spiritual rituals, also called pujas, are part of life in many Asian and other indigenous traditions. They are celebrated throughout the cycle of the year, to enhance positivity, dissolve obstacles, and to find clarity and guidance in times of uncertainty. In the West, rituals have largely vanished, together with the natural approach to spiritual practices. To aid the current challenges of our time Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche performs these beneficial practices for people from all backgrounds.

Yamantaka Ritual

Yamantaka is the wrathful form of Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom. In Buddhist Tantra, Yamantaka is the assassin of the Lord of Death, which makes him also the Lord of Life. This “ritual of life” brings clarity in times of uncertainty, enhances the life force present in every human being, and thus has a regenerating effect on body and mind.

Tshethar Ritual

During this ancient practice, beings threatened with death are offered the gift of life in freedom. For decades, we have been releasing thousands of brown trout in the river Würm in the Gautinger Schlosspark close to Munich. This deep act of generosity has a positive impact on the life force of the animals as well as the visitors. Additionally, it benefits the fish population in the surrounding area.

See impressions from the last Tshethar ritual.

Sound work

One aspect of TK Rinpoche’s work is to create psychoacoustic sounds for regenerative purposes. With the Voice of Nature project born out of his spiritual practice, he offers an artistic framework to reconnect with the source of nature.