Akasha Environment

Protecting the Resources of Life

“Protecting the resources of life” is one of the main goals of Akasha Academy. We realize projects to protect and restore the environment, preserve natural resources and local biodiversity as well as raise awareness through environmental education.

Additionally, our headquarter in Nepal is currently being established as a flagship project for sustainability to show a positive alternative and practical solutions to the people in the region.

Akasha Academy Headquarters – A flagship project of sustainability

Our headquarters in Nepal serves as an example of sustainable land planning and building, regenerative agriculture and land use practices.

Sustainable building

All buildings on the premises are built with as much natural materials as possible (bamboo, etc.). Together with partners, sustainable infrastructure projects are carried out, involving the local community by actively hiring local workers and providing on-the-job trainings as well as workshops about sustainable building. The land stabilization against landslides is an important part of the construction works.

The recently built bamboo pavilion and tea house offer space for training and public community activities. As next steps, a student house and a volunteer and staff house will follow.

Infrastructure following a circular approach

Developing Akasha headquarters in a sustainable way also needs infrastructure systems in terms of energy production and consumption, as well as water and waste management. The aim is to run the activities on the grounds as self-sustaining as possible, following a circular approach: 

A stable power supply by means of local solar-energy solutions for the production and storage of energy.

Water supply from a local source and through decentralized rainwater harvesting components.

Converting residuals into energy through a local biogas-system and composting methods.

Conscious water usage, recycling and reusing water through plant-based greywater recycling and wastewater treatment.

Following organic farming and permaculture principles to keep the soil healthy and grow chemical-free food.

Regenerative agriculture

As part of the way to become self-sustaining and to show practical sustainable alternatives to conventional farming to the community, a model farm of regenerative agriculture is currently established, following the biointensive approach to simultaneously grow healthy food and care for the land. In addition to fruits and vegetables, a herbal garden shall serve as a natural apothecary for common ailments and diseases. 

Restoration and Environmental Protection

In Nepal, as in many other places around the world, urbanization, unplanned infrastructure development and land plotting damage the environment and ecosystems and contribute to the loss of biodiversity.

To counteract and raise awareness, plantation and restoration projects are carried out on the Akasha Academy grounds and within the community in Gokarneshwor.

In 2022, around 600 bamboo saplings were planted in Suntakhan to fight deforestation, clean the air and stabilize the soil. In 2023, a land conservation project has started together with the local municipality to restore public land and set an example for preserving local natural landscapes. 

Education and Awareness

To create a long-lasting positive impact, we regularly conduct workshops and training about environmental protection and sustainable land use together with the local governments, public schools, women’s groups and small-holder farmers. One of the main goals is to create awareness about the connection between health, environment, nutrition and land use. The aim is to enable the participants to apply what they have learned and pass it on within their communities.

We regularly realize workshops and training in the following topics:

Regenerative agriculture • Kitchen gardening • Healthy lifestyle and nutrition • Production of bio-fertilizers and herbicides • Cultivation and use of medicinal herbs

Furthermore, we inspire the communities to act through clean-up campaigns, plantation activities and awareness campaigns.

Make a change

Together we can create a lasting positive impact on our planet. We are always looking for supporters who want to contribute to education, environmental protection, health promotion and women empowerment.