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As a growing global network, we regularly inform you about our latest projects, new programs and how you can participate in creating pathways for the future of our planet. Have a look at our events if you are interested in experiencing Akasha Training, original Buddhist rituals or getting to know our work in the areas of education, health and environment.


Jholmal: A new sustainable alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers in Nepal

At Akasha Academy Nepal, we are preparing alternatives for chemical pesticides and fertilizers to impove our organic farming. Among the substitutes for pest control, our ...
Journeying through a year with Akasha Care: Promoting healthier life

Journeying through a year with Akasha Care: Promoting healthier life

Akasha Care, a program initiated by Akasha Academy, provides a supporting environment and a safe space for individuals in need in the community. In 2023, our ...

Global Guardians – Protecting the elements of nature

Under the motto of “Global Guardians”, Long Yang NGO launched a children's education program in Munich about the elements of nature and their interconnections.

Warm through the winter – 950 children in Nepal received new school uniforms  

Thanks to your support, over 900 children from 7 public schools in the poor communities in Gokarneshwor region received new winter school uniforms between November ...

Annual Review 2023

As 2023 has come to an end, we want to thank you for making it a successful year through your support, interest, and financial contributions. ...

How Willy the whale helps us save the world

In nature, everything is connected – even though it might not be so obvious at first sight. The interactive story of Willy the whale shows ...

Artisan Bakery by Akasha Life – a social business opens its doors in Nepal

Akasha Life is a social business with the purpose to sustain life and to support its foundation. Profits of the social business support the projects ...

Highlights of an intercultural exchange between Nepal and Germany

This summer, the enthusiastic and motivated education program manager of the Akasha Academy Nepal, Sushmita Sharma, traveled to Germany for an educational, intercultural exchange.