Journeying through a year with Akasha Care: Promoting healthier life

March 20, 2024

Akasha Care, a program initiated by Akasha Academy, provides a supporting environment and a safe space for individuals in need in the community. In 2023, our dedicated team has been promoting a healthier life in both the community and among school children in Gokarneshwor municipality in Nepal.

Journeying through a year with Akasha Care: Promoting healthier life

During the past year, we delivered informative sessions in local schools, conducted interactive discussions in the community and provided confidential personal counseling to the individuals in need. This blog unfolds the chapters, sharing the milestones we have achieved during the journey promoting health in the community we serve.

Akasha care in community

The past year our effort of promoting health through awareness was focused on ward no.3, the very location where Akasha Academy Nepal is situated. Through a series of twelve impactful sessions, we reached five women groups, each with their own story to tell. Our comprehensive approach extended beyond the community women group, encompassing specialized awareness sessions tailored for grassroots health workers; Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs). The sessions covered vital topics like respectful menstruation and reproductive health. During each session and conversation, we created an environment where participants felt empowered to openly share their experiences and stories. Over the year, we connected with 149 women and offered them knowledge about women’s health. Notably, four sessions on dignified menstruation were conducted under the fellowship of Radha Poudel Foundation.

Dignified Menstruation Nepal Workshop
Awareness Sessions about healthy live and dignified mentruation in female communities
Awareness Sessions about healthy live and dignified mentruation in female communities

Akasha Care in school

Our journey of Akasha Care isn’t confined with the community boundaries, it extends its wings into the classroom where future is molded. Akasha care in school is a ground-breaking initiative designed to reach the students from class 6 to 9, irrespective of gender. Our focus extended to three community schools: Gram Shudar, Shree Suntakhan, a./.nd Devi Bal Sudhar. In the first two schools, our sessions took the form of lively classes, sharing healthy tips that resonated with the curious minds of students. During a dengue outbreak, our focus shifted to Devi Bal Sudhar to raise dengue awareness through an interactive session sparking insightful discussions and enhancing student engagement. A total of 215 students seamlessly became part of our awareness sessions, absorbing the knowledge and embracing a healthier approach to life. But our work within these school settings wasn’t about mere numbers, it was about impact: we encouraged all the children to share what they had learned in their family and community.
Awareness Sessions about health and healthy live in nepalese schools

What's next?

The pursuit of a healthier community is an ongoing journey. Akasha Care’s committed efforts have already made a positive impact on the lives of 364 individuals from diverse backgrounds. If you want to create positive change in the community, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us on this impactful initiative, whether by financial contribution, practical skill sharing or by spreading the word. Our vision for the year 2024 includes expanding our influence beyond ward No. 3 in Gokarneshwor, by conducting awareness sessions of different health topics. Come be a part of our journey and explore the unfolding future with us.
Ojashvi Akasha Academy


Ojashvi Ojha, a public health professional, works as a Health Educator at Akasha Academy Nepal. For the past two years, she has been committed to serving within Gokarneshwor municipality, particularly in ward 3. Her primary objective is to enhance the community’s health and well-being by empowering women.

Dibika Rai Akasha Academy


Dibika Rai, a graduate of the Akasha Traineeship program, now serves as a community mobilizer trainee. With a year of experience, her dedication centers around empowering women through different awareness initiatives.