Akasha Research

Independent. Integrated. INterdisciplinary.

Everything in this world is part of a system of interdependent cycles provided by nature. All aspects of life affect each other – may it be education, economy, environment or health. Consequently, within an interconnected world, the existential crises and complex problems of today cannot be solved if addressed in an isolated manner or when driven by self-interest.

Akasha Research raises awareness on pressing topics of our time, and encourages people to join forces for action and further research. Inspired by Universal Ethics recalled by TK Rinpoche, Akasha Research seeks to offer a practical approach that is based on facts and of benefit for all.

“We all live on this planet, we share the same elements and resources.
We are all responsible for the whole.”

TK Rinpoche

What we do

The content created through Akasha Research offers an interdisciplinary analysis on topics such as public health, environment, and education. The topics are being analysed and approached in a scientific manner and from an independent, intergrative perspective, highlighting essential aspects and presenting them in their relevant context.

The team behind Akasha Research reflects the integrative approach – people from various backgrounds, such as natural and political sciences, education, medicine, IT, law and economics are working together on the analyses. The aim is to create synergies and to encourage action and further research among decision-makers, scientists and the general public.

If you are interested in the topics we are working on currently or have ideas we could look into, please get in touch with us.

Clear the Paths for Whales

In life, seemingly unrelated things are deeply interconnected. For humanity, interdependence with whales is of vital importance: With every breath we take, we are connected to these majestic giants. With their big bodies, they move waters and distribute nutrients and by that, support oxygen generation and the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In this way, whales play an important role in preserving both life in the sea and on land.

Yet, increasing human interference in the oceans limits the living space of whales and other marine species. Plastic and chemical pollution, loud underwater noise, resource extraction from the sea floor as well as heavy ship traffic and abandoned fishing gear pose serious threats.

Since all of existence is interlinked, these exploitative actions adversely affect our own lives, too. If we want to create conditions for the survival of humanity on this blue planet, actions that protect whales and clear their paths are urgently needed.

Our whale coloring book takes you on a journey into the oceans and reveals the secret about our fascinating relationship with whales in a creative way. People of all ages have the chance to get in touch with the topic and learn about how we can save whales to save ourselves.

Support the cause by ordering the book here or share it with your network!

As part of our education program, we regularly host the interactive journey with Willy the whale. A theater play supported by visuals and sounds offer children the possibilty to closely engage with whales and the oceans. Playfully, they learn why we need whales and what we can do to protect them – no matter whether we live near or far from the sea.

Brave New World: The Green Conscience of Electromobility

In this paper we focus on electromobility, the great hope for climate-friendly transport of the future. Besides the often-highlighted advantages, some aspects require closer examination. The most important aspects are summarized in the last section.