Akasha Research

Independent. Integrated. INterdisciplinary.

Everything in this world is part of a system of interdependent cycles provided by nature. All aspects of life – education, economy, environment, health and so on – affect each other. Consequently, the existential crises and complex problems of today cannot be solved if addressed in an isolated manner or when driven by self-interest.

Inspired by these universal principles, the Akasha Research Network seeks practical answers to current challenges that are fact-based and of benefit to all.

What we do

People with a background in natural and political sciences, education, medicine, IT, law and economics do research on relevant topics of our time. These include public health and mobility, as well as environmental and climate protection. The aim is to create synergies and to encourage action and further research. Our target group are political stakeholders and decision-makers, people with a scientific interest and the general public.

If you are interested in the topics of our research, please get in touch with us.

Current Projects

Brave New World: The Green Conscience of Electromobility

In this paper we focus on electromobility, the great hope for climate-friendly transport of the future. Besides the often-highlighted advantages, some aspects require closer examination. The most important aspects are summarized in the last section.

Clean the Paths for Whales

Whales play an important role for the entire earth system. Every second human breath comes from the oceans through certain processes in which whales are involved. Yet, the future of most whale species is severely threatened. We engage in this topic with the aim of inspiring people to work together and clean the path for whales.