Akasha Health and Care

Raising awareness and providing support

The aim of Akasha Health and Care is to provide the basic needs to live a healthy life. We give guidance in topics like nutrition, basic health and hygiene as well as confidential support in cases of abuse and harassment.

Akasha Health and Care started in Nepal with awareness campaigns about a healthy life, health councelling and mobile health clinics for people in the communities. We intend to develop further programs in Nepal, Germany and worldwide – adopted to the local needs.

Promoting a healthy life

In developing countries, there are many communities where  the level of knowledge about basic health, hygiene and nutrition is very low. Additionally, in many places topics such as menstrual and reproductive health are still taboos. For example, in some regions of Nepal women still face stigma while menstruating. This lack information has a direct impact on the whole community and leads to many health issues and diseases that could be easily prevented.

That is why the health counselors from Akasha Academy are committed to raise awareness about important health topics by giving lectures in local schools and providing personal confidential health counseling sessions. Our health councelors provide support in topics such as:

Menstrual health  •  Family planning & pregnancy  •  Healthy lifestyle  •  Hygiene • Balanced nutrition  •  Green Housekeeping

Creating a safe space for women

Violence against women is a major public health problem and a violation of women’s human rights. It can cause various devastating physical and mental health problems and doesn’t only impact the women affected, but also their children and the whole community.

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a pressing issue prevalent in many countries. In Nepal, more than one in four women is experiencing GBV and many of them don’t have access to any support systems.

Akasha Academy is committed to support women through projects related to women empowerment and providing a safe space. We provide confidential councelling and support in cases like:

Harassment  •  Rape & human trafficking  •  Abusive marriage  •  Any sexual, physical, mental or economic abuse

Health camps

Health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being despite of their race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.

That is why one of the activities of Akasha Health and Care is the organization of health camps in communities that lack sufficient health services. Health camps are mobile clinics where people in the communities can come to see and consult a doctor and other health professionals for free.

The aim of health camps is to prevent diseases and improve the quality of life for the people in the communities.

Education and Awareness

We regularly conduct workshops, training and seminars about healthy lifestyle adopted to the local needs. Together with local government, public schools, women’s groups and small-holder farmers we educate about relevant health topics in the communities. Our aim is to inspire people to make a change in their lives and also to act as role models to others and share their knowledge forward. 

Make a change

Together we can create a lasting positive impact on our planet. We are always looking for supporters who want to contribute to education, environmental protection, health promotion and women empowerment.