Warm through the winter - 950 children in Nepal received new school uniforms

January 10, 2024

Thanks to your support, over 900 children from 7 public schools in the poor communities in Gokarneshwor region received new winter school uniforms between November 2023 and January 2024.

In Nepal, students are required to wear school uniforms. The same style of clothes worn by everyone hides the differences in the socio-economic situations of children’s families and allows them to focus on the lessons better. A good idea in theory, which in the Nepalese context sometimes backfires. The state itself doesn’t bear the cost of this uniform, and the poorest families may not be able or willing to bear it either. 

Under the burden of this expense, usually together in combination with other unfavorable factors, families sometimes make a devastating decision to prematurely discontinue the school attendance of their children. Knowing that a cost of one such uniform can be as low as 10 euros, this is where we step in and cover the costs for children’s uniforms in multiple schools typically attended by the children from the poorest families.  

Having a school uniform provides access to education, helps them to stay warm in the winter and renews their awareness that someone considers them important and cares about their future.  

Donation goal successfully reached

We are happy to announce that this year we managed to gather the necessary finances in record time! This was possible thanks to donations coming from you: many of our friends, colleagues, business partners, family members, supporters, newsletter subscribers and social media followers decided to back up this action financially.  

Thanks to this backing, over 900 children from 7 public schools in the poor communities in Gokarneshwor region received new winter school uniforms between November 2023 and January 2024.  

Joyful occasions accompanied with healthy snacks

The uniforms were distributed in 7 schools in four different events that took place 26th of November in Okhreni, 17th of December in Tarebir and 1st and 2nd of January in Suntakhan.  The mayor of Gokarneshwor Deepak Risal, Long Yang members, Akasha Academy NGO team and the members from the communities participated in these joyful events. The children were very thankful and excited to receive their uniforms! Many of them decided to unwrap their packages and put on the shiny new clothes right away.
The recently established social business Akasha Artisan Bakery also supported the cause providing healthy snacks for the children – namely delicious beetroot and carrot muffins – sugar-free and without any artificial additives. Thanks to the fact that many of the children only had one hand free, the uniforms distribution team was entertained to witness a very innovative approach to eating a muffin.
One aim of the bakery is to inspire and provide affordable and nutritious snack options for school children as an alternative crisps and candies that are often the only available option.

Learning about air pollution and water filtering

To make the events even more impactful, we also included some educational topics in the program. In the first two events the staff of Akasha Academy Nepal taught the children how to build a water filter. In the third event the new batch of Akasha Traineeship students performed a drama about air pollution and its impacts through acrobatics which was well received by the fascinated children and school staff.
Through these practical demonstrations, techniques shown and skills taught, we make the children aware of the issue of environmental pollution, and show them solutions by which they can reduce and revert it.

Big thank you to all the supporters

A school uniform is more than just a school uniform – it is a tool that gives children access to education, enables them to stay warm in cold classrooms and gives a boost to their sense of self-respect and confidence. This year was already the 7th time that we supported the children with uniforms and the positive impact is clearly visible: Thanks to our ongoing support of the schools in the region, through the winter school uniforms distribution but also thanks to other actions and activities, the number of students has significantly increased. About a hundred individual donors supported this campaign financially. Thanks to your great and generous resonance, a total amount of donations of more than 11.000 € was raised within three months. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed and made this successful! If you would like to support next winter’s school uniform distribution, you can already contribute here: