Warm winter school uniforms for more than 850 students in Nepal

April 25, 2023

Many schools in Nepal, especially in the rural areas, lack heating and electricity. We have provided more than 850 new warm school uniforms to keep the young students warm during winter.

Supporting health and education

Many schools in Nepal, especially in the rural areas, lack heating and electricity. Oftentimes, the winter school uniform is the only way to stay warm during the freezing winters, where the temperatures can drop even close to zero degrees Celcius. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford the warm winter uniforms.

Without proper clothing, the young students are more susceptible to catching a cold during the winter months and therefore more likely to have more absence days from school due to sickness. By providing warm school uniforms to students, we support the health of the students as well as their education.    

125 uniforms were distributed to Shree Tarebhir Basic School, 371 to Shree Suntakhan Secondary School, 225 to Shree Devi Balsudhar Secondary School and 150 to Shree Gram Sudhar Secondary School.

It was already the 3rd year in a row that Long Yang e.V and Akasha Academy NGO supported schools in Gokarneshwor with new winter uniforms.

Community theater

The distribution of the school uniforms was accompanied by a ceremony in all four different schools where members from the local government, school personnel, and the representatives from Long Yang e.V and Akasha Academy NGO were present. In the beginning, students of the Akasha Traineeship performed a theatre play on the topic of bullying in schools to bring awareness to the damage that it causes. The play showed the severe effects which can result from spreading rumors between students. In the end of the play, the students in the audience were also engaged to participate and find practical solutions as well as preventive measures for such situations.
The audience, including representatives of the local government, the school principal, teachers and students, reacted very positively to this creative way of addressing relevant issues at school.


After the impactful theater play, the guests of the ceremony gave speeches, and the students received their new winter uniforms. The ceremony ended with the school personnel expressing their gratitude by handing over a certificate and token of love to representatives of Long Yang e.V and Akasha Academy.

We are happy that throughout another winter more than 850 students were able to go to school without being cold.

If you would like to support next winter’s school uniform distribution, you can already contribute.