Women are sewing

Sewing training for women in Nepal generating job perspectives

Akasha Academy NGO in cooperation with Long Yang e.V. offer a sewing training to women which provides them with job perspectives.

14 women from the region of Helambu (50 km northeast of Kathmandu) came to Kathmandu with their families to build up a perspective for themselves. Since January 2019 they have been trained as seamstresses to be able to earn a living from their trade. This is not very easy in Nepal, especially for housewives who spend most of the day looking after the family. Especially for women “from the country” without vocational training it is difficult to gain a foothold in the city and to contribute to the family income beyond casual jobs or to become more independent and self-reliant.

Woman holding one of her products

At “family-friendly” times, the women are taught by an experienced seamstress during the day in two shifts in small groups of maximum 7 persons. In a safe environment and with like-minded women, they can improve their skills for 2 hours a day. Using sewing machines and needle and thread, small, simple products are first made. Later they can also produce more complicated parts, which they may take home for their own use. The women came to the course without any previous knowledge and after 2 months they are already able to apply a wide range of techniques. The first bags, yoga bags, pencil cases and blouses are very impressive.

The women are very happy about the chance they get during this course. “At the beginning I couldn’t do anything and I didn’t imagine that I could learn this… and now two months later I am sewing my first kurta [blouse]”, one of the participants tells happily.