The activities of the Akasha Academy NGO in Nepal include social, environmental and infrastructural aspects. To realize its projects, the Akasha Academy NGO is working closely together with the German partner organization Long Yang e.V.


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Children after earthquake in Nepal

After the devastating earthquakes 2015 in Nepal, one of the first projects of the NGO was to support in medical first-aid and reconstructions. This included the re-establishment of water supply and a school building in Suntakhan. During the current Covid-19 crisis, the Akasha Academy NGO is again offering emergency aid with food packages and personal protective equipment.

pupils in Suntakhan with their new school uniforms from Akasha Academy NGO

Since starting to work in the Suntakhan area, the NGO has developed close ties and a trustful relationship with the local schools and supported their students throughout the years with new winter school uniforms.

World Environment Day 2019 - Akasha Academy NGO

Environmental projects aim to raise awareness and inspire action. Therefore, events are regularly organized around World Environment Day in Suntakhan. In 2018, this included a river cleanup together with the local schools to beat plastic pollution. On World Environment Day 2019, students, locals, other NGOs and government officials together engaged in improving air quality with a tree planting activity at the Akasha Academy grounds.

Akasha Handmade - Sewing Project from Akasha Academy NGO

To support the empowerment of women, a sewing and tailoring training for a group of 14 women in Kathmandu was enabled by the Akasha Academy NGO. They produced their first yoga bag collection to be sold at a European festival, starting the brand “Akasha Handmade“. The aim is to create a social business which will help them become financially independent.

The Akasha Traineeship offers young women in Nepal the space to make their own decisions in life and to be of benefit for others. The unique training and orientation program combines topics related to health, environment, society, communication and physical training in a practical way. In addition to improved educational and professional opportunities, the participants gain more self-confidence and creatively pass on what they have learned – making them role models for women empowerment in Nepal and bringing about a positive change.