Akasha Traineeship “Educate, Enable, Empower” – Apply now

Akasha Academy currently admits applications for the education program “Akasha Traineeship” for women. The program will start in December 2021 and will take place in the newly constructed training center at Suntakhan, Gokarneshwor.

“Training at Akasha Academy offers conditions to make your own choice and to find your place in the world.”

TK Rinpoche

Under the theme “Educate, Enable, Empower”, you will get the chance to learn about current global and local challenges related to health and environment, improve your English skills and gain insights into possible career paths through practical internships. As graduates of this program, you can use your newly acquired skills and experience to either start working in community engagement or continue your education – THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

PLEASE NOTE: The date of birth in the application form must be submitted according to the Western calendar and not according to the Nepalese calendar.


Unique interdisciplinary vocational training including projects & internships

Our Aim: Empower you to create a positive change withing yourself and others

Duration: 8-9 months (Dec. 2021 until July/Aug. 2022 – depending on situation due to pandemic)

Working times: 6 hrs./day, 6 days a week (public holidays)

Location: Akasha Academy Suntakhan, Gokarneshwor

Costs: Tuition adjusted to your possibilities, scholarships available

The Program

Learn about current problems in communities & figure out practical solutions to create a positive change.

Interactive Trainings on:

  • Health & medicine
  • Environment & sustainability
  • Society & community engagement
  • Universal ethics

Skill Developement:

Train to become a trainer – Acquire relevant skills and knowledge to work as a trainer for community engagement after graduation:

  • Skills in communication & organization
  • Self-confidence & physical training
  • Practical experiences as a trainer (conducting first own community activities during training)

Practical Job Orientation:

  • Get access to our huge network of our partner NGOs & companies during various workshops
  • Get insights & first job experiences through internships & projects within our training
  • Get support in job/study orientation & application

Why apply?

Benefit from a high-quality education program:

  • International certification of Akasha Academy
  • Intensive English course with certification (IELTS)
  • Internships with a range of partners
  • Direct job opportunities through our network

Graduates will be able to…

  • Advise local people, government and schools on basic health and environmental issues: hygiene, nutrition, women’s health, waste management, and more
  • Provide qualified health- and environment related training and consulting
  • Work for local schools, government organizations, NGOs and others

How to apply

You can apply, if…

  • You are interested in topics like medicine, health, environmental protection, community engagement
  • You have successfully graduated class 12
  • You have good grades (esp. in English)
  • You want to increase your job opportunities
  • You are an open-minded young lady

Admission and further Information
If you are interested and wish to receive further information or want to register, please contact the Akasha Academy program management:
Email: education@akasha-academy.org
Phone: 981 8915 392

PLEASE NOTE: The date of birth in the application form must be submitted according to the Western calendar and not according to the Nepalese calendar.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!