Akasha Traineeship

Akasha Traineeship is a unique 10-month orientation and education program to empower young women in Nepal. With the aim to “Educate. Enable. Empower.”, the program creates space for the participants to discover their abilities, find their own path in life and develop a broader understanding of current challenges and how to contribute to a positive change in their surroundings.


young women have graduated the Traineeship as change makers within two years


hours of education about health, environment, communication, English  and community work provided


people from the community reached with the awareness campaigns made by the students

Our aim

Educate. Enable. Empower.

The Akasha Traineeship provides the means for the participants to develop self-confidence and enables them to make their own choices in life.

The program, supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), focuses on topics related to health, society and environment. Following a practical and interdisciplinary approach, the young women learn how to identify the underlying causes of the various issues in their community. With practical education, they are enabled to find and conduct practical solutions for positive change in their communities.

The Akasha Traineeship program has been running since 2021 in Suntakhan, Kathmandu. The project supports the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 4, 5, 10,13

Woman empowerment. Girls in Nepal learn about selfdefence during training at Akasha Academy

Situation in nepal

Limited opportunities and lack of awareness

For many women in Nepal, the educational path ends after graduation from high school. Due to socioeconomic factors, getting married at a young age is often the only perspective for their future. This leaves women in a state of complete financial dependency, which makes them vulnerable to abusive situations. 

Gender inequality and Gender Based Violence (GBV) are still prevalent in many communities. In addition, the rural communities in Nepal suffer from multiple interdependent problems, such as lack of proper healthcare, insufficient nutrition, environmental pollution, alcoholism and stigmatization. 

Our approach

Change agents for the communities

Young women are trained in the topics related to health, environment, communication and community engagement. They also receive career counceling throughout the 10-month program, which ends in a practical job internship at a place of their choice. The program consists of lessons both in theory and practice. For example, environmental topics are promoted through workshops on organic gardening and sustainable land planning and basic health knowledge is acquired through lessons and certified trainings. 

During the Akasha Traineeship, the students learn how to pass on their newly acquired knowledge to the local population and schools in the region, for example through health counselling services, workshops on environmental topics and street theater about taboo subjects. These activities also boost women’s self-confidence as they become change agents and role models for whole communities.


Project Summary


Program active since 2021. The 3rd cohort of students is currently ongoing for 2023-2024.


Gokarneshwor (Wards 1-4), Kathmandu Valley, Nepal


Women between the age of 18 and 32


27,030 € 

Student testimonials


“My life is so different after starting the Traineeship. I’m much more confident than before. I used to be afraid of making decisions.”

Susmita, 1st cohort 2021-2022


“This Traineeship has been a great learning experience giving me great value and skills. Every single experience has taught me so much and made me stronger. I want to keep learning more and work as a changemaker in a society because I saw various problems of women while doing research in different communities about menstrual health.”

Muskan, 2nd cohort 2022-2023


“My experience at the Traineeship has been very comfortable and I’m enjoying it. There are so many classes that I’m very excited to learn. I already got to know so much, such as drama and acrobatics, hygiene, environment and community work.”

Nisha, 1st cohort 2021-2022

“I’ve learned a lot of things like environment, health, and also English, nutrition, prevention self-defence and acrobatics. I have developed my self-confidence, English and I got a chance to do a job internship in NIDISI organization. I feel so lucky.” Panchhi, 2nd cohort 2022-2023

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Woman empowerment. Girls in Nepal learn about selfdefence during training at Akasha Academy

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