Yoga Bag

Yoga bag production to support women in Nepal

Our new cooperation with Muya Yoga in Poland shows how successful cooperation can happen across different continents: Special yoga bags handmade in Nepal, with assistance of a German and a Nepalese NGO are sold in Poland to support the women in Nepal who produced them.

What started in 2018 with a 6-months training in sewing and tailoring for women in Suntakhan, was continued in 2019 with another course for 14 women from Kathmandu. The program was conducted by the Akasha Academy NGO and supported by the German NGO Long Yang e.V.

As women in Nepal are usually taking care of household and family, it is not easy for them to pursue further studies or a vocational training. Therefore, they are mostly financially dependent on their husbands. With the sewing training, they got a chance to lay the foundation for financial independence and a professional future as seamstresses.

Yoga Bag Production
Women in Nepal producing the yoga bags for Muya Yoga.
Yoga Bags
These lovingly handmade and unique yoga bags are empowering women in Nepal. The Akasha Handmade label stands for fair trade, fair wages and fair working conditions.

When Karo from Muya Yoga heard about the sewing project and the vision of Akasha Academy, she wanted to support it by producing her own yoga bags. Some of our volunteers were managing the project both remotely as well as in Nepal: they searched for the perfect fabric, spoke to the trainer of the seamstresses, had a sample created and communicated across different time zones.

Some months later, Karo received the new bags made of a unique fabric with detailed mandalas. She is now offering her new collection of yoga bags to her customers in Poland.

She supported women to gain an income in challenging times and is giving them a perspective of a regular production. It is planned to develop a social business, which offers women a regular income.

By buying one of these yoga bags with Muya Yoga you are not just getting a beautiful handmade product, but are also empowering women in Nepal. Thank you!

Yoga Bag / Muya Yoga
One of the new yoga bags in use.

Are you also interested in cooperating with us to support the projects of Akasha Academy? We are looking forward to hearing from you!