Akasha Academy – Vision

Akasha Academy is currently being realized in Nepal to offer a place for holistic education and healing arts, rooted in the universal wisdom of original Buddhism.

The motivation to establish Akasha Academy was born out of a vision of the White Lama Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche, practitioner and Master of Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhism). He is dedicating this lifetime to practice, preserve and revive ancient Dharma transmissions connected to Manjushri, to keep them alive for future generations.

„Akasha Academy is a stronghold where it is possible for some gifted ones to have a chance to find the waypoints they are looking for.”

~TK Rinpoche

On that foundation, Akasha Academy offers an integrated education approach to reconnect with these ancient principles of wisdom-compassion, to learn, train and apply them according to the necessities of modern times.

Thus, the aim of Akasha Education Programs is to provide a guideline for students to develop self-responsibility and the skills needed to face current and future challenges and to bring about meaningful positive change.

Akasha Education Programs are taught on different levels, according to the preconditions of the students. While Akasha Training allows to develop basic strength and capacity, Akasha Education enables them to assist, teach or treat others after completing one of the medical or health related vocational programs.

For those who have a connection, the preparation through this specialized approach can open a gateway to enter the original Buddhist practice path of wisdom-compassion at a further stage.

“Akasha Academy is there to prepare people; for some of them to embody and train in this ancient art, to keep up the wisdom presence of the original Buddhist principles.”

~TK Rinpoche

While the Akasha Academy Headquarters are being established in Nepal, it is an international project intended to grow and expand gradually to further branches worldwide.