Universal Ethics

“Traffic Rules” of Humanity

As humans of this planet, we are bound to universal principles applying to all of us, naturally connecting everyone. Similar to traffic rules, they are basic guidelines to adhere to, to facilitate a mutual respectful coexistence in a world of diversity:

“We all live on one Planet, we share the same elements and resources. We all need the same conditions to survive.”

TK Rinpoche

These guidelines are universal, as they are the foundation of our physical existence, beyond culture, religion, race and social background. In the face of multiple global crises, recalling Universal Ethics as the basic principles of our lives, might enable us to restore the common ground naturally connecting all of us. This way, we have a chance to aid to the survival of our planet.

Our Common Ground

We are different, but our basic needs are the same. Our actions affect others and vice versa. If we are able to recall these basic facts of life and find – common ground – we might have a chance to save our precious resources and survive.

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Practical Application of Universal Ethics

Akasha Academy is dedicated to put Universal Ethics into action. In Munich and Kathmandu, Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche teaches the View and Physical Training connected to Universal Ethics in Akasha Training Workshops. In Nepal, young women are empowered with the Akasha Traineeship, a unique vocational training program. Currenctly the Akasha Education Team is developing an educational framework for pre-school and school children, based on Universal Ethics.