Training & Education

Akasha Academy offers an integrated approach for learning, training and applying holistic medical and spiritual practices. Both Akasha Training and Education are being taught on different levels according to the preconditions of the students.

To develop basic strength and capacity, students can train themselves physically through Akasha Training, breathing exercises and meditation.

Those interested and qualified to assist, teach and treat others, may consequently apply for one of the Akasha Education Programs. These include different vocational medical trainings and, on a further level, also spiritual training for those students with the capacity and connection to it.

The aim of Akasha Education is to develop according to an individual’s capacity and to become a certified trainer, teacher or therapist, able to offer one’s skills at one of the Akasha Academy branches or at other facilities.

All programs are based on universal ethics and aim to develop self-responsibility in order to benefit others and face current and future challenges in the world.

While the Akasha Academy Headquarters is currently being established in Nepal, the Akasha Academy Munich already offers Akasha Training workshops.