Stages of Progress

The Akasha Academy is built up in a staged process.

August-October, 2012

First acquisition of property in Suntakhan/Gokarneshvor

The first step towards the realization of the vision is taken.

Second acquisition of property in Suntakhan/Gokarneshvor

January, 2014

Opening Akasha Branch in Munich, Gemany

The opening of the Akasha Academy in Munich as the second branch marks an important step towards providing access to more and more people worldwide.

Third acquisition of property in Suntakhan/Gokarneshvor


Renovation of the “Red House”

The Red House is renovated to serve as accommodation for volunteers and staff.

The construction of the training center starts

Being built on the Akasha Academy grounds, the training center is the place where young Nepalese women will become Basic Health Counsellors.

November, 2019
August 2020

Master Plan of Academy Site

An international team begins to develop a master plan to realize the Akasha Academy vision. This includes planning the terracing of the hillside location and the various buildings.