Warm through the winter – new school uniforms for children in Nepal

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Our aim is to provide winter school uniforms to young students in Nepal to support their health and education. With your support, more students can attend school regularly, stay healthy and feel confident. 

Our Goal

900 Children

The goal is to support 900 children from six nepalese government schools in Okhreni, Tharebir and Suntakhan

9.565 €

Total amount needed to fund all the school uniforms

10 €

One winter school uniform costs around 10 Euros

Situation in nepal

Providing access to education

School uniforms are a prerequisite to attend school in Nepal but unfortunately many families cannot afford to buy them. Having a school uniform can provide children the necessary access to education and many wear the uniforms the whole year round. New uniforms are needed regularly as the clothes are often quite worn out after one year and the children grow so fast.  

Additionally, lots of public schools in Nepal, especially in the rural areas, lack heating and the classrooms are cold due to missing or poorly insulated windows. Therefore, the school uniform is helpful to stay warm when the temperatures decrease during winter.   

Our aim

Help students to attend school regularly

Winter is coming, and many students are in need for new uniforms soon. This year, we aim to provide 900 winter school uniforms for preschool children and students from grade 1 to 10 in six government schools in Okhreni, Tharebir and Suntakhan. One school uniform costs around 10 euros. With just 53€, you can provide 5 students with new uniforms, help them attend school and stay warm. 

How we work

Ongoing support has increased student numbers

Since 2015, Long Yang NGO together with Akasha Academy NGO has been supporting the health and education of young students in Gokarneshwor region. Through ongoing support for the schools in the region, for example with the school uniforms, significantly more children can receive education. The number of school children in some schools has almost doubled thanks to the support. 

News on winterclothing campaign in recent years

Warm winter school uniforms for more than 850 students in Nepal

Many schools in Nepal, especially in the rural areas, lack heating and electricity. We have provided more than 850 new warm school uniforms to keep the young students warm during winter.

New winter uniforms for 530 students in Suntakhan

For another year in a row, Long Yang e.V. together with Akasha Academy NGO was able to support hundreds of pupils in Suntakhan with warm winter uniforms for the cold season.

Winter school uniforms for pupils in Suntakhan

Akasha Academy NGO together with its German partner organization Long Yang e.V. could again organize the purchase and distribution of warm school uniforms in November 2019.

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