Group activity in Suntakhan

Join & Participate

Beyond the conditions of one’s individual horizon, people are able to make an impact in this world beyond their own time and life.”

~TK Rinpoche

If you are inspired by Akasha Academy’s activities – these are some possibilities to join and participate:

  • support the realization of Akasha Academy and partake in moulding the foundational structures of the Academy towards its final form (design, management, organization, training)
  • enter the practice path as a student
  • become a teacher or therapist in your respective field of skill and interest
  • support the NGO activities in Nepal, Germany or worldwide as a volunteer

You can participate in a variety of activities according to your individual qualities and interests.


Support the realization of Akasha Academy by contributing your unique skills. The following are especially helpful:


  • Therapy and Medicine
    • Share your knowledge and enhanced skills to be of universal benefit in the growing Akasha Academy network. (More info can be found here.)
  • Architecture and Construction
    • The unique chance to design and see your work come to life in Nepal. Bringing together this auspicious project by using natural materials in an ancient architectural manner while considering geomancy.
  • Ecological Gardening and Agriculture/Permaculture
    • Help with the setup of sustainable, on-site organic farming and the cultivation of medical herbs.
  • Fundraising
    • Lead fundraising activities in order to fund the construction of the Akasha Academy Headquarters and ongoing social impact projects in Nepal.
  • Communication, Public Relations and Marketing
    • Support the successful ongoing communication about the activities of Akasha Academy.
  • Business
    • Create a Social Business from scratch, based on one of the ongoing projects/ fields of activities in Nepal and Germany in order to co-finance the realization of Akasha Academy.


You found yourself in this list and feel the urge to support the vision of Akasha Academy? You are welcome to get in touch.



Speak about the vision, the related activities and help spread the word of Akasha Academy. If you are an influencer, a speaker or good networker and want to help increase the visibility, please get in touch.


Connect potential supporters of companies and foundations with the programs and goals. If you wish to help build the Akasha Academy network and to find new supporters/ donors, please get in touch.


Help with a single monetary donation, or on a regular base.