Tshethar Ritual - Offering the gift of life

Ritual with Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche

July, 19, 2024

at Schloss Fussberg, Gauting

organized by Long Yang e.V.

About the ritual

At the Tshethar Ritual, animals threatened with death are offered the gift of life – in this case fish. During the Buddhist ceremony in the middle of nature, the white Lama Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche will recite special Mantras and Dharanis, which serve the life force of the liberated animals as well as the visitors’. The blessed fish are then released into their new life in the little river Würm.

Background and motivation

In Tibetan, Tshethar means “giving freedom”. In the Buddhist tradition, offering sentient beings the gift of life in freedom is an act of generosity. It is said that by giving beings their life in freedom back, one’s own life force is also strengthened. Therefore, by helping others, one helps oneself.

Participation and purchase of fish

With registration for the Tshethar Ritual, you have the opportunity to purchase any number of fish and symbolically release them into freedom. The ritual is open for everyone interested of any background. The ritual is also quite popular with children. Participation and free purchase will be donation-based. We ask you to purchase fish ahead of the ritual (3 Euro per fish).

About the fish: Thanks to the good cooperation with the responsible authorities and the advice of local fish breeders, this year, too, we have ensured that the fish are transported in an appropriate manner. Since the changes in climate also have an impact on the local river ecosystem, we adjust the selection of the animals (species and size) annually to the current recommendations of local water and fish experts. To ensure that the fish get used to their new home in the Würm as quickly as possible, the containers used for transport are enriched with fresh water from the Würm beforehand.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Friday, July 19th, 2024, 6.30pm
Entrance open from 5.30 pm


Park Schloss Fussberg
Am Schlosspark, 82131 Gauting




We are looking forward to welcoming you to this special event. For organizational reasons, we would be pleased if you register in advance, but participation is also possible at short notice. You can register online or via Phone 089 12416086.


Would you like to support the Tshethar Ritual in Gauting with a donation? Here you can contribute to the purchase of the fish, that we will set free.