Moving to move something bigger – Charity run to Nepal

January 30, 2022

Under the motto “We move to move something bigger”, Q_PERIOR AG, a business and IT consultancy based in Munich, started a charity run in June 2021 to support our projects in Nepal with the donations collected.

The participants’ goal was to run and cycle 7,700 kilometers by the end of the year to literally reach Nepal. And the result is impressive: over 130 Q_PERIOR employees took part, ran and cycled a total of 12,170.9 kilometers! This resulted in a total donation of 12,700 EUR! We would like to thank Q_PERIOR and all participants for this donation.

Staying healthy in the home office

The charity run also helps to reinforce the importance of exercise in everyday life. Due to the pandemic, home office and the many hours spent in front of the PC, exercise (especially in the fresh air) is often neglected, even though it is so important for our immune system and stress reduction. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Q_PERIOR employees have also been working mostly in home office. Through the charity run, the participants were able to actively promote their health.

Copyright: Q_PERIOR

Up to Mount Evererst and beyond

In addition to jointly organized runs or bike rides by employees in various cities, such as Munich and Hamburg, participants also had the opportunity to flexibly run or bike at anytime and anywhere and save their kilometers in a shared app. Step by step, they covered a distance that not only reaches Nepal, but also a long way up Mount Everest.

The charity run is part of the “Social Challenges” initiative, which Q_PERIOR AG initiated on the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary in order to do even more for people, society and the environment. To this end, Q_PERIOR has called on its employees to get creative and come up with ideas on when, how and where they can help others.

What happens with the donations?

We use the donations to support various activities in Nepal – around the topics of health, education, women’s empowerment and sustainability. Part of the money will go to the Akasha Traineeship, our recently launched education and orientation program for young women. In addition, activities around sustainable agriculture and tree planting campaigns will be supported. For example, plans are underway to build a terrace in front of the training building so that the students will soon be able to study and eat outside. Through the sustainable cultivation and care of fruit trees, agricultural produce and a herb garden, we will also be able to provide the students with a lunch of home-grown organic products. Practical workshops on topics such as composting and herbalism as part of the training program are also financed. In addition, many more trees will be planted with the involvement of the local community to protect the climate and soil in Nepal.

We are looking forward to these and many other activities that will take place this year and hope that Q_PERIOR will also continue many of the great initiatives like the charity run!