Nights Glow Dark – Lightboxes for a good cause

April 14, 2022

We’re happy to announce that we are featured in a very special crowdfunding campaign. Until the 6th of June you have the unique opportunity to find our inspiring artwork from Nepal as part of Nights Glow Dark – a social business where sustainability, social projects and artists come together.

What is Nights Glow Dark?

The idea behind Nights Glow Dark is to create unique handmade lightboxes for artwork in a sustainable way by using upcycled materials. In the future, the frame building shall even provide job opportunities for homeless people. Each frame is lovingly handmade and its soft light creates a pleasant atmosphere with energy saving LEDs. These artworks and light frames are not only inspiring to look at but they also create a positive social and environmental impact.

Normally one third of the proceeds of each Nights Glow Dark artwork goes to support young artists or social projects. But during this crowdfunding campaign, we have the special opportunity to receive 50% of the proceeds – increasing the positive impact of these artworks even more.

Light frames with unique stories supporting our work

On the illuminated frames or art prints, you can find tranquil sceneries of Nepal: the famous Stupa of Boudhanath in Kathmandu, a mountain range of the Himalayas at sunset, prayer wheels in front of a monastery from Guru Rinpoche, or foggy hills around a famous pilgrimage place in Mustang. With each of these artworks that are telling unique, centuries old stories, you are bringing a piece of Nepal into your home or business.

Proceeds of these artworks will go to support the further establishment of the Akasha Academy for holistic education and healing arts in Nepal. All pictures were taken on our trips to Nepal and are therefore closely related to our work.

Unfortunately, the offer has expired. Thank you for your interest.

Working for the common good

The more people come together to work towards a common good, the more the impact will grow. Besides supporting our projects with funding, you also have the chance to use the artwork you purchase to spread the good: Having one of these artworks on your wall is a great reminder for you to keep doing good for our planet. It also provides an opportunity for you to speak about the projects that your artwork helps to support – perhaps even inspiring others to also purchase a frame or get active for the common good themselves!

Until the end of June only, artworks can be purchased with a 50% support for Long Yang e.V. Take this opportunity to find your favorite image and become a part of creating a domino effect of positive change by purchasing one for yourself or by gifting it to someone else.

Interview with the founder of Nights Glow Dark

In a conversation with Philipp Stengelin, the founder of Nights Glow Dark, we were able to speak about our work, what drives us and what we want to achieve in the coming years. What are the stories behind the images in the Nights Glow Dark frame: