Open house for Akasha Traineeship and completion of Covid-19 Training

January 1, 2022

At the end of November 2021, participants of the “Covid-19 Health Advisor Training” received a certificate of participation. At the same time, interested women got detailed information about the Akasha Traineeship Program.

Information day for the Akasha Traineeship

During an information day, interested women were able to obtain detailed information about the Akasha Traineeship Program, which will start its first training year in December 2021.

Based on the motto “Educate, Enable, Empower,” female students are educated in topics related to health, the environment and society. The program is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Completion of Covid-19 Training

At the same time, former participants of the “Covid-19 Health Advisor Training” were presented with a certificate of participation, which they received with joy and pride.

The background to this training was the emergency situation during the pandemic and the fact that due to this the traineeship program had to be postponed for several months. Without further ado, the Covid-19 training was developed and implemented on an interim basis.

This enabled schoolgirls from Suntakhan, as well as medical staff from a local health post, to better understand the virus and its effects, and learn how to reduce its spread through hygiene measures. Thanks to a “train-the-trainer” part (as also present in the traineeship), the participating girls were able to act as multipliers, passing on their newly acquired knowledge to younger students in local schools in workshops.

Receiving sustainable masks from WingGuard

The presentation of the certificates was a good opportunity to also distribute some of the sustainable masks (with antivirus technology) donated by WingGuard to Long Yang e.V.. The members of the Nepalese partner organization Akasha Academy NGO as well as the trainer team and some volunteers were happy about this.

Sincere THANK YOU – Dhanyabad to WingGuard for the extremely helpful donation!