Annual review 2022

January 30, 2023

In 2022, we continued with our projects with good energy and are also happy to share impressions of our new achievements.

Challenges and achievements of 2022

In 2022, the world was facing many challenges. The war in Ukraine for example has shown how much everything is interlinked and that everything what we do has an effect on others and others have an effect on us. This interdependence as foundation of our existence is part of the universal principles (Universal Ethics) which apply to all of us. Universal Ethics is the foundation of all the activities of Long Yang e.V. and the Akasha Academy with the aim to preserve the future of our planet.

Looking at our activities, we are happy that we could continue with the good energy from 2021. We have made good progress with the construction of the Akasha Academy in Suntakhan and welcomed already the second year of the Akasha Traineeship. Besides, we have built new partnerships and organized charity events in Germany to support our projects. Last summer, the Tshethar ritual was again one of the highlights this year.

Tshethar Ritual in summer

We are very grateful that Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche had agreed to perform the Tshethar ritual for the eighth time – during which thousands of brown trout were given a life in freedom. Numerous large and small guests came into the castle park in Gauting, in order to experience the power of this old practice for the regeneration of life energy. At the end, everybody could participate in releasing the fish into the river Würm.

First year of young women successfully completed the Akasha Traineeship

In Nepal, the first year of young women successfully completed the Akasha Traineeship this summer. They have completed 10 intensive months of a unique and integrated education on health, social and environmental topics, with physical training. Also, they could directly apply of what they have learned within community performances, school workshops and consultations at health camps. During the year, the women visibly gained confidence, learned tools that empower them to make their own decisions, to help others, and thus to bring about a positive change. You can see our students in this video

In September, we welcomed our second year of highly motivated students. With financial support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), we look forward to expand the training over the next few years and also offering further workshops for the community in the future.

Establishing the Freedom of Choice - Education Fund

In addition to the Akasha Traineeship, we have established the „Freedom of Choice – Education Fund“. It aims at giving young people in Nepal a chance for a high-quality education and providing them with a safe space to learn and grow. The „Freedom of Choice – Education Fund“ covers education fees for financially disadvantaged youth and also helps with housing during internships or therapy fees in case of traumas. With your support, you can help drive the positive change of young Nepalis and whole communities. 

The sustainable development of the Akasha Academy site in Suntakhan is also developing. Our farm workers got training in organic farming, a large planting campaign took place and the first construction project with bamboo, a tea house (“Gazebo”) as a place for team meetings and to welcome guests, was finished. Currently, a pavilion is being built from local bamboo and materials to serve as a place for community workshops and physical training with our students, as well as an example for sustainable construction.

Extraordinary charity events

To support our projects in Nepal, some extraordinary charity events took place. Q_Perior AG and its employees symbolically walked 12,170 kilometres to Nepal. In July, at the open (H)air festival organized by the Versus Barbershop in the Schönegge nature garden near Freising, hair was cut for a good cause. Impressions of our diverse activities in Germany can be found regularly on our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, as well as in the video “Long Yang – What we do in Germany”.  

At the end of the year, also thanks to the generous support of many, we were able to provide 900 students from low-income families in Suntakhan with warm school clothes. Our female students used the opportunity of the handover of the school uniforms at the village schools to raise awareness for the topic of bullying by performing a theatre play. 

We are happy to continue our work in 2023 and to take further steps to realize the vision of the Akasha Academy as a place for integrated education, based on Universal Ethics. For this, one major goal for the upcoming time is the foundation of the first Akasha Pre-Schools in Germany and in Nepal. Therefore, support on various levels is highly welcome. If you are interested to contribute or to get to know more, please get in touch!