Educate, Enable, Empower – The Akasha Traineeship starts in Nepal

November 3, 2021

The Akasha Traineeship is a unique new training program in Nepal. Under the motto “Educate, Enable, Empower” the program creates a space and orientation for young women to discover their abilities and make their own decisions in their lives.

Up to 12 young women will receive eight months of training in health, environmental and social issues beginning in December, learning to share their knowledge as change agents for healthy living. In addition to intensive English courses, the focus is on teaching them basic medical skills, always considering the context of social and environmental factors. The interdisciplinary curriculum provides a holistic view of current challenges in order to address them more comprehensively.

Practical training – Becoming an active role model

The special thing about the training is the practical focus. The students learn to share their knowledge and act as role models. In order to embody a healthy lifestyle themselves, they receive regular physical training. Healthy eating is learned through cooking together and a conscious approach to nature is promoted through workshops on ecological gardening, composting and sustainable infrastructure.

All topics are taught in a very practical way and what is learned is then directly applied: In regular workshops and events, the trainees pass on their knowledge to the local population and schools in the region.

Participants of a program at the Akasha Academy Nepal

Learning with committed partners

At the same time, the women learn about different professional fields in health, environment and society. This is made possible through collaboration with various partners who help shape the program and offer internships to participants.

Training session at Akasha Academy
Graduates of the “Covid-19 Healthcare Advisor” training conduct a workshop at a local school

The training offers the opportunity to acquire professional and language skills, as well as practical abilities, with which the graduates can subsequently work as trainers. Alternatively, the training creates orientation in order to be able to make a well-founded decision for one’s own further educational path.

Workshop on Female Empowerment with Actress Keki Adhikari

Creative pandemic break – further development of a training concept

The Akasha Traineeship emerged from the Basic Health Counselor training program, which had to be postponed for more than a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the meantime, the “Covid-19 Healthcare Advisor training” was first developed to help schoolgirls and local administrators in Suntakhan deal with the pandemic. In the meantime, experience and time were used to adapt the original training concept to local needs.

It became apparent that many female students lack a basic orientation after high school. Many do not know what career path they want to take, have little practical experience and even less confidence in their own abilities. Therefore, the focus of the originally planned “Basic Health Counsellor” program was expanded.

The international team of Long Yang e.V. in Germany and the Akasha Academy NGO in Nepal worked closely together on this project. Thus, with the help of two doctors, an alternative practitioner, a nurse, two health experts, a social worker and an environmental expert, the “Akasha Traineeship” was created.

The first training cohort will start in December 2021.