The first weeks of Akasha Traineeship

January 2, 2022

After months of preparation and a whole bunch of challenges the story of „Educate. Enable. Empower“ finally took off on sunny December 6th with 16 students being welcomed by officials from Suntakhan and board and staff members of the Akasha Academy NGO.

A unique program to develop one's potential

The unique program of this traineeship contains learning about current global and local challenges related to health and environment, improving one’s English skills and gaining insights into possible career paths to create overall positive change. One special feature of the traineeship is to provide a space for the young girls to find and develop their potentials. All around the world, but in Nepal especially young people struggle with finding their own path apart from their family’s choices and pressure of society.

Within the next 8-9 months, the girls will have the possibility to find what they are good at and how they want to shape their own future.

Lessons combined with practical application of the new knowledge

The first weeks started with a general introduction into the topics of the curriculum such as health and medicine, environment and sustainability, society and community engagement and Universal Ethics. Additionally, students will learn to develop skills in communication and organization, self-confidence and physical training and gain practical experiences as a trainer by conducting first own community activities. Through the network of partner NGOs and companies, the students will participate in workshops, gain insights and first job experiences through internships and projects and have support in job or study orientation and application.

The mornings start out with English lessons. The day continues with a revision of topics from the day before to reflect and repeat what has been taught.

Within the first days, basic medical health education has already started with teachers Bardia von Beust (Naturopath) from Long Yang e.V. and Sangay Chultrim Sherpa (Physician), consisting of basic knowledge of medical topics, such as anatomy and physiology, followed by diseases and solutions/treatment. Students learn to decipher between acute and chronical diseases and how to detect and diagnose them in the various systems of the body (digestive system, respiratory system etc.).

Classes on hygiene and environmental issues have begun as well. Ladies learn about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness as well as the link between hygiene and disease. Topics such as plastic pollution and other challenges regarding environment and sustainability in Nepal and all over the world.

Last week, the team also started first practical workshops: a handicraft session and a workshop on bio-composting in order to familiarize the students with the land and the potentials of this eco-friendly technique. In the next few weeks, there will be workshops on planting and acrobatics. The students will also soon receive their first session career counselling.

We are excited to see the students development over the next months. We will give frequent updates here and on our social media channels.