Akasha Bakery: establishing a social business in Nepal

July 10, 2023

We are establishing a bakery to produce healthy snacks for schoolchildren in Nepal. In cooperation with public schools, we offer the baked goods as an alternative to the conventional range of sweets and additionally conduct workshops on nutrition.

Long Yang e.V. and Akasha Academy NGO support the foundation of a bakery in Nepal as part of the Akasha Social Business. You can find all information in German on the donation platform Betterplace.

Offering alternative, healthy snacks for children at public schools in Nepal

We have been collaborating with public local schools for several years, e.g. providing workshops on health and environmental topics. Through our work, we noticed that public schools or surrounding stores mainly offer unhealthy, cheap snacks such as sweets or chips.

To support a healthier nutrition, we came up with the idea to offer alternatives, produced in our own bakery. In cooperation with public schools, we aim to provide a range of healthy snacks that are available directly in the schools at low prices.

Combined with education on balanced diet

Additionally, workshops on nutrition and health will be conducted in the schools as part of our “Global Guardians Curriculum”. The combination of education and an alternative offer promotes a balanced diet, concentration and a healthy development of the children.

Establishing Akasha Bakery as part of a Social Business

Long Yang e.V. and Akasha Academy NGO support the foundation of a bakery in Nepal as part of the Akasha Social Business. Beyond the school project, bread and other bakery items will be offered for sale in perspective, e.g. to restaurants, hotels, cafés and organic stores.

The profits of the bakery are used to sustainably finance the school project. Surplus income contributes to further educational, environmental and health projects of the Akasha Academy NGO.

In addition, the bakery brings about the following positive effects:

  • Promotion of regional and sustainable agriculture through local and, if possible, organically produced ingredients
  • Creating employment and job perspectives for young women

Next steps

Currently, we are establishing the bakery. Our next steps are:

  • Furnishing the bakery incl. purchasing equipment like oven and kneading machine
  • Short-term training for two to three young women incl. training with a German baker
  • Start of the school project with two to three public schools from Gorkaneshwor

How to support

To realize the Akasha Bakery and the related school project, support is needed. If you wish to contribute, there are various ways to support:

  • Contribute with your expertise, e.g. as a volunteer in Nepal providing a free baking training
  • Support financially with a donation, e.g. for our kitchen equipment
  • Share our project on social media and with your network and help us increase our outreach
  • Become a customer and order our baked items (if you are located in the area of Kathmandu)

You can donate directly here or via Betterplace, a German donation platform https://www.betterplace.org/en/projects/124556-akasha-bakery-promoting-a-balanced-diet-for-children-in-nepal

Thank You in advance! Your support is highly appreciated!