The site of the Akasha Academy Headquarters will be designed in harmony with the surroundings along the hillside location, reflecting in its setup the staged approach of Akasha Education.

Set up & Design

Guests and students will enter the site at the bottom of the hill, encountering a welcoming entrance area with a statue. Around a circular square, a café and restaurant will be located next to a library and some stores, offering a place for recreation and rest as well as informing about the activities onsite.

Guests will be able to stay at the eco guesthouse, which is intended to offer a possibility to rest and regenerate. During a short or long-term stay, they will be invited to connect to the activities of the Akasha Academy through workshops and/or optional medical treatment.

Akasha Training and Education programs will be offered in the according training facilities onsite at two levels. The facilities around the central entrance area will include classrooms and a training hall as well as providing offices and accommodation for teachers and trainers. Students will be accommodated in a modern housing concept, including shared flats with common study and recreational areas.

In the training and meditation facilities located on the second level, students will first be able to train themselves physically through Akasha Training, breathing exercises and meditation. Those who are prepared to go further, might receive original Buddhist Teachings and instructions for entering a spiritual practice path.

Practitioners will be living on site in retreat huts, keeping the tradition alive. By experiencing an alternative way of living, they get a perspective on how to serve beyond their individual needs amongst other people with the same focus. Complementary, students can learn holistic medical healing methods from East and West, applying them on site in the treatment center. Once ready for becoming teaching practitioners themselves, they show, train and treat onsite in the treatment center.

The temple – built in homage to the original wisdom of Buddhism – represents the purpose of the Akasha Academy as a stronghold to keep this ancient heritage alive for the benefit of future generations. In the shrine room, a statue will connect the purpose with the grounds, while the texts of the ancient tradition, gathered throughout decades, are being preserved in the library.

Complementary to the activities onsite, a new school shall be established nearby the Academy, enabling the next generation to gain access to comprehensive education according to Western standards. Universal ethics and self-responsibility are taught and applied as part of this education in order to prepare the youth to face current challenges in Nepal and the world as change-makers and leaders.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Akasha Academy shall serve as an example for sustainable living, showing an alternative to the current destructive behavior towards nature. Accordingly, lots of trees and quiet, flourishing garden areas offer the space for reconnecting with nature. At the same time, organic vegetable farming and medical herb gardens contribute to the gastronomic services.

The location will follow an integrated natural resource management approach, fed by the own water source, embracing the use of renewable energies as well as implementing sustainable sanitation and waste management concepts. In that way, it shall be run as a self-sustaining place that is causing no harm through its operations.