Training & Education


Akasha Academy offers both Akasha Training and Akasha Education.

Akasha Training is taught as an introduction to our approach. This training includes exercises to unite body and mind, originating from ancient Daoist and Chinese Medicine, original Tantric Buddhism (Vajrayana), and holistic methods of Western medicine. Akasha training serves a double purpose, it is helpful for many medical and general conditions of body and mind, and reveals also any capacity to train in our ancient Buddhist path.

Akasha Training is based in Workshops, which are open for everyone without any prior training experience (which is best a condition to learn). Akasha Education offers a semester based or resident training in our Academy facilities. Requirements are at least participation in all basic workshops and experience with this training. A general medical education is required for Akasha Education, such as medical doctor, nurse / professional nurse, naturopath (certified), physiotherapist, massage therapist, anyone interested with medical education. Furthermore, intuition, healing skills and receptivity to communicate with energies are important requirements of distinct applicants. All of these will be checked and tested prior to enrolment.

Currently we are in the process of recruiting thus prepared and gifted individuals.

All of these are also the prerequisites for entering into our original Vajrayana approach.


Akasha Training

Workshops at the Academy are open to the public, focusing the inseparability of body, mind and nature. Using specialized breathing techniques, meditation and exercises, Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche instructs participants in the principles of connecting body, mind and breath. Purpose of the exercises and meditations is to connect with the nature of all things and to return to the origin of breath, to the source of existence.

Ultimately Akasha Training can be used for personal and environmental regeneration and healing.


Akasha Workshops

Akasha workshops of all levels are offered so far in Kathmandu and Munich only. They are designed for individuals learning about this training for the first time, whether for medical or for spiritual reason.

Workshops include the foundation of connecting body, mind and breath. Thus, the training can be used for both regeneration and healing and as preparation to enter our Vajrayana approach.

Akasha Education

Akasha Education takes place in form of semester based or residential courses. The medical-holistic and spiritual training contains specialized theory and practice of three levels. Included are the following subjects:

  • Akasha Training advanced (levels beyond the introductory training)
  • Systemic Fitness and body training
  • Western holistic and complementary medicine (theory and treatment techniques for regeneration, rejuvenation)
  • Chinese medicine basics
  • Daoist essentials
  • Energetic medicine
  • Manual and energetic therapies (massage, trigger points, soft tissue, spinal treatments, energetic treatment)
  • Tibetan language, Budddhist philosophy essentials
  • Vajrayana staged practices
  • Mantra healing

The aim of Akasha Education is to develop according to an individual's capacity and to become a certified Akasha trainer, healer or therapist, and ultimately a White Lama. Students who have completed the Akasha Education will have the option of lifetime employment as a therapist and/or practitioner, or teacher in our Akasha premises, and/or to open and lead a branch of Akasha Academies worldwide. (See "Recruitment")

Akasha Training Instructors

The design of Akasha Academy expands globally through certified instructors. After completing Akasha medical training and our Vajrayana path, instructors have the opportunity to open programs in their local area and travel to assist other Academy branches with Akasha trainings.