Due to generous donations of truly unique donors, we were already able to purchase the majority of the small hillside plot, the future location of the Akasha Academy headquarters, Nepal. Altogether the basic site includes about 30.000 square meters, of which about 20.000 square meters have already been purchased.

With each contribution we reach closer to the completion of the Akasha Academy Headquarters.

The purchase could even expand further to purchase adjacent pieces of land for the living quarters of all our staff members. Our priority lies in the construction of the temple, treatment center, school and accommodation facilities.

Long Yang e.V. (NGO), our local German organization in Munich, cares for all European charitable donations and activities.

Long Yang Association

Long Yang Association is a charitable non-profit organization (NGO) based in Munich, Germany founded by Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche in 1997. As a Partner of Akasha Academy, Long Yang is a charitable organization to make Buddhist Rituals and Dharma teaching available in the West. At the same time Long Yang e.V. offers various activities in order to support Akasha Academy financially.


Akasha Academy Headquarters


For simplified European-based donations, you can make direct deposits to our German based account.

Long Yang e.V.
Kontonr. 15036436
UniCredit Bank – HypoVereinsbank München
BLZ 70020270


Kathmandu Stupa


For Asian-based donations, you can make direct deposits to our Nepali based accounts.

Account Holder: Akasha Academy
Account Number: 160100000309524
Bank Name: Bank of Kathmandu, Ltd
Bank Branch: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

NGO Akasha Academy
PAN No: 600621555
P.O. Box 19090
Boudhanath 6


Social Impact

If you prefer your donations go directly to social impact projects in Nepal you can visit our Direct Aid for more information and donation.