Clear the paths for whales

How whales help preserve life on earth

In life, seemingly unrelated things are deeply interconnected. For humanity, interdependence with whales is of vital importance:

With every breath we take, we are connected to these majestic giants.

They play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem and the planetary system as a whole – through their natural behavior they support the oceans in generating oxygen and in their function as a carbon sink.

Whales are our allies in preserving life on this planet. Clearing their paths is what we need to do if we want to survive, too.

Scientific background

In this article, you learn more about how whales contribute to the stability of the marine ecosystem and the entire Earth system.

We also highlight the threats whales are facing today and what actions are needed to protect whales and life below water and on land.

Science meets education

As part of our education program, we have developed the interactive journey with Willy the Whale.

In this theater play, children engage closely with life under water, supported by visuals, sounds and movements.

In a playful way, they learn why we need whales and what we can all do to protect them – no matter if we live near or far from the sea.

Science meets arts

Our whale coloring book takes you on a journey into the oceans and reveals the secret about our fascinating relationship with whales.

People of all ages have the chance to get in touch with the topic in a creative way and learn how we can save whales, their habitat and ourselves.

Coloring book about wahles and nature cycles

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