Site visit at Akasha Academy

Land stabilization at Akasha Academy site

Great news came along with a geologist expert’s visit to the Akasha Academy property.

The first official field trip and thus the next step in the collaboration with Sustainable Mountain Architecture (SMA) has taken place: After a euphoric kick-off at the end of January, the Akasha Academy site in Suntakhan was visited by members of SMA, Akasha Academy NGO and a geologist. The aim was to gain expert knowledge about the condition of the land – through intense study of the status quo, including areas which are prone to landslides and where the soil might be vulnerable.

In the past years, several landslides on the site caused concern and worry among Akasha Academy members. Caused by poor water management and pipe leaks, as well as major tree clearings at neighbouring land, it was very clear that something had to be done urgently. Help was sought to improve the situation in Suntakhan.

Site visit

With the help of SMA and their good relation with Geology Professor Basata Devkota, some relief was found on February 19th and luckily good news were the result of this interesting site visit: We learnt  that the land is actually quite stable in several aspects – soil condition, possible architectural structures, agriculture etc.

Most of the present issues and can be fixed and improved with some re-planning and suitable planting. Additionally, the sandy texture of the land and its high amounts of silt make for excellent natural water filter layers.

In the future, we will also take soil samples to understand the land even better. We are looking forward to next learning more about stabilization from the SMA team!