Covid-19 Health Advisor Training

Covid-19 Health Advisor Trainings in Suntakhan

The global Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge for the entire planet and even more so for the developing country of Nepal.

Months of lockdown have hit the Nepalese Society hard. Yet while not being able to leave their homes, many people did not receive sufficient information about the virus and how to protect themselves properly. Communication from official side seemed not to reach everyone in terms of a deeper understanding about the nature of the virus and ways how to engage safely in daily life.

For that reason we created a program that empowers people with knowledge and information about the virus: how it can spread, what the symptoms may look like and how people can protect themselves. The Covid-19 Health Advisor Training enables them to pass on this knowledge to their community. 

Health Advisor Training
Participants and trainers of the Covid-19 Health Advisor Training in front of the Akasha Academy training center in Suntakhan

As it was not yet possible to start with the Basic Health Counsellor Training in our newly built Akasha Academy training center in Suntakhan (also due to a Covid-19 delay), we quickly developed a deep curriculum on these topics with a German-Nepalese team and started to teach the first participants from the ward and surrounding health posts in September. Afterwards, we focused on our main target group of girls from the local area, who were happy to get a first short training in their school when it was finally open again after the first lockdown.

In December we started with the first group of young women in our training facility. Our motivated education coordinators who are experts in the field of nursing and public health, together with a young doctor, trained the 10 girls throughout a whole week – under strict Covid-19 measures. The participants were highly engaged and super happy to have the chance to receive this information.

As we believe that there are many benefits in enabling people to share their knowledge with others, our program aims to create multipliers. Therefore, those participants who finished the final exams of the training well, are now allowed to hold workshops themselves for other children and adults. The first group of multipliers were holding their first training for pupils of classes seven to nine in the Sree Suntakhan school.

In these videos (YouTube: Thank You Note by Student Manisha Giri, Thank You Note by Student Susmita Ghatani. Turn on subtitles to see English transcription.), two participants of our program give their thanks and feedback on the free training they received and tell why they would recommend it to others as well.

We are constantly open for applications to the training:

Details about the program can be found here.