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Update on the Basic Health Counsellor Training and the current situation in Nepal

On Mach 22, the Nepalese government imposed a strict lock-down onto Nepal for one week which was extended by two weeks in the meanwhile. The borders are closed and all international flights have been cancelled.

So far, there are nine confirmed cases of Covid-19. However, the test rate is very low. Besides, it was reported that sick people having symptoms of Covid-19 were sent home by the hospital staff being afraid of getting infected due to the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE). After the arrival of PPE and test kits from China, it is quite likely that the confirmed cases will be rising. So far, only one hospital conducts tests on Covid-19 while three or four hospitals are currently provided with the resources to perform tests. All in all, there are very few hospitals with ICU and sufficient medical staff in Nepal besides corruption in the health sector and supply-shortages.

Nepal’s situation – a country with a fragile health sector, supply-shortages and a poor infrastructure to cope with the increasing number of cases – is very serious.

Start of Basic Health Counsellor Training postponed due to Covid-19


Training center

Akasha Academy NGO was in the final preparations for the start of the Basic Health Counsellor training which was supposed to start at the beginning of May in the new teaching facility in Suntakhan. The construction of the new building was finished in time before the lockdown. However, other activities as the furnishing of the rooms were suspended.

Since March 20th, schools have been closed in Nepal. Final exams were postponed for the time being which also affects the start of the Basic Health Counsellor training. The training can be started, as soon as the students were able take the exam.