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Akasha Academy starts Basic Health Counsellor Training

The so far biggest project of the Akasha Academy NGO and its German partner organization Long Yang e.V. starts close to the borders of the Shivapuri National Park and aims at offering a Basic Health Counsellor training to young women of the rural areas. After more than a one-year planning phase, the construction of the training centre started in the beginning of December 2019. Up to 30 women from the region Gokarneshwor will be trained to become Basic Health counsellors at the Akasha Academy in Suntakhan for one year starting beginning of May 2020.

Together with Long Yang e.V. and the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), expertise from Nepal and Germany are being combined to improve the health care for the people in the rural area.

Construction work
Construction work started
Construction work

Most young women in Nepal do not have the opportunity to pursue any kind of education or apprenticeship after having finished school. To stay close to the family is considered more important than to strive for a professional perspective. The Basic Health Counsellor training aims at offering a perspective to these women in which family and job can be combined. Moreover, it empowers the women to become independent from their families in terms of income and to contribute to the improvement of the health situation in their region.

Improving the educational situation of women in Nepal

Shivapuri National Park
The training center is being built close to the Shivapuri National Park
Rural region
Suntakhan is typical for rural areas in Nepal

For most young women in Nepal the education ends after leaving school. Closeness to the family is important and usually has a higher priority than going for further education and career opportunities. The aim of the training program is to create a career perspective for young women in which work and family are compatible. The women are supported in creating the basis for their own income and at the same time in actively contributing to the good of their region.

Model project for the promotion of basic health in rural regions

As trained “Basic Health Counsellors”, the graduates will provide advice on basic health, hygiene, nutrition and women’s health in their own and neighbouring communities. Through activities such as health camps, workshops at schools and individual counselling of families on basic health issues, diseases can be avoided and awareness of a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle can be generated.

The training programme will be introduced as a model in Suntakhan and will subsequently be made available to other communities as an example. The project can thus contribute to improving basic health in rural regions of Nepal beyond the borders of Gokarneshwor.

What’s next

Currently, the curriculum for the training is being compiled in parallel with the construction work. Suitable teachers are being sought in Nepal and further financial means are being acquired.