Cleared area

Afforestation in Suntakhan

Akasha Academy NGO together with the German partner organization Long Yang e.V. and Himgiri eco-friendly Agriculture Cooperative Ltd (HEACOP) organize a project for the afforestation in Suntakhan after the illegal destruction of a hillside property.

The destructed slope
Cleared area
The property is situated close to the borders of Shivapuri National Park.

The community of Suntakhan, a village of about 5,000 inhabitants, is located at the foot of the Shivapuri National Park near Kathmandu. As a result of an illegal construction project, an approximately one hectare plot of land, most of which belongs to Sunthakan Municipality, was unlawfully destroyed by clearing and terracing. The clearing of the slope is an ecological disaster. The area lies in the buffer zone of Shivapuri National Park and thus in the water catchment area of the village below. The destruction can lead to landslides and poses a danger to the inhabitants. Therefore, new trees need to be planted before the next monsoon.

Apart from the tree planting, the project aims at raising awareness and transferring knowledge about the need of environmental protection.

Property with flag