Trainees present some acrobatics during performance

Integrated education and orientation program “Akasha Traineeship”

The Akasha Traineeship is a unique orientation program and vocational training to empower young women in Nepal. With the aim to “Educate. Enable. Empower.”, the program creates space and orientation for the participants to discover their abilities and to make their own decisions in life.

The program focuses on topics related to health, society and environment. Following a practical and interdisciplinary approach, the young women learn to develop a broader understanding of current challenges and to contribute to positive change in their surroundings.

The Akasha Traineeship has been conducted since 2021 in Sunthakan, close to Kathmandu. The education project is financially supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Main contents of the 10-month training and orientation program

  • Basic medical knowledge and hygiene
  • Healthy lifestyle, nutrition and prevention
  • Climate change and environmental protection
  • Intensive English course
  • Communication and presentation training
  • Physical training and self-defense
  • Counseling and support for women
  • Theater performances and other forms of community engagement
  • Vocational counseling and internship with various partners (2 months)

Watch Akasha Traineeship – First Year: 2021-2022 on YouTube

Practice-oriented approach

The content is taught by Akasha Academy’s own trainers and partner organizations in a practical way.  Exemplary, environmental topics are promoted through workshops on organic gardening and sustainable land planning.

Women planting bamboo
Women training self defense
Human pyramid

Training of change agents

During the Akasha Traineeship, the young women have the opportunity to pass on their newly acquired knowledge to the local population and schools in the region, for example through health advice and theater performances on taboo subjects. These activities also boost the women’s self-confidence as they become change agents and role models for women empowerment.

Improved educational and career opportunities

The training provides participants with the opportunity to acquire many practical skills that will significantly improve their educational and career opportunities. This can mean, as an example, that graduates could work as counsellors promoting a healthy lifestyle in their community or take other job opportunities in the field of community engagement. Further studies or vocational education are equally a viable path, as the graduates take informed choices about their future.

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