Akasha Training

Akasha Training has been developed by Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche for the purpose of reconnecting and regenerating body and mind. It is beneficial for many health-related issues and has a positive impact on the general physical condition.

The training includes dynamic exercises, breathing and meditation originating from ancient Daoist and Chinese Medicine and holistic methods of Western Medicine.

At the same time, it can serve as a preparation for joining Akasha Education, which includes different vocational medical trainings and, on a further level, also spiritual training for those students with a connection to it.

Ultimately, Akasha Training can have a positive impact on personal and environmental regeneration and healing and is useful for people, who want to bring about positive change in their inner and outer life.

Akasha Basic Workshops

Basic Akasha Training is taught in different workshops with specific focus areas. Through special breathing techniques, meditation and physical exercises, Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche shows participants the principles of connecting body, mind and breath. The purpose of the exercises and meditations is to remember the original nature of all things and to return to the origin of breath, to the source of existence.

Akasha Training

Current Workshop Options

Akasha Training workshops are currently taught at the Akasha Academy Munich and are open to everyone without any prior training experience (which is the best condition to learn). In future, workshops will also be offered at the Akasha Academy Headquarters and prospectively at further branches worldwide.



Spinal Power
Alignment and strengthening of the spine and shoulder girdle. These exercises release the blocked power in the spine and shoulder girdle and bring the person back into contact with the base of the body.

Flowing water

Vital Energy
Building up vital energy in the center and getting it to move. These exercises regenerate the lower lumbar and pelvic floor area.


Art of Breath
Introduction to the regenerative and spiritual dimension of the original breath. This workshop includes practical breathing exercises and meditation.


Akasha Training Advanced
As part of the spiritual practice path and medical education, Akasha Training Advanced will be taught beyond the introductory level.