Akasha Training Center

Interdisciplinary education in Nepal since 2022

Akasha Training Center provides integrated education in Nepal focusing on health and environment – with the aim to show how humans and nature are connected and to create a positive change in the local communities.

The project has been supported by BMZ since 2022 and includes an orientation program for women (Akasha Traineeship), building student housing with sustainable materials, providing environment workshops for the community (Akasha Environment) as well as providing a safe space for women, health counceling, and health camps for the community (Akasha Health and Care).


women have graduated from the Akasha Traineeship orientation and education program


students of local schools have increased awareness on basic health and environmental protection


people have received health counseling and medical services through health camps

Our aim

Interdisciplinary education to benefit the communities

The aim of the project is to create a foundation for programs related to female empowerment, education, environmental protection and health promotion in Nepal- in order to create a long-lasting positive change in the community. The project is meant to trigger a domino effect and inspire replication of its different components in other parts of Nepal and worldwide – adapted to the local needs:

  • Female empowerment: Akasha Traineeship: 10-month orientation program for young women
  • Sustainable building and land use: construction of a student housing and bamboo tea house with sustainable materials
  • Promoting women’s health and rights: Training on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for teachers, health workers and female community health volunteers and start of Women counselling and prevention (Akasha Care program)
  • Health promotion: Annual health camps for the population in remote communities including medical check-ups and medicine
  • Education: Awareness campaigns for the local population on the topics of health, the environment and women’s rights through creative activities such as forum theater, acrobatics and workshops

Situation in nepal

Dire need of female empowerment, education, health promotion and environmental protection

In Nepal, the general awareness about basic health and environment topics is still very low – especially in the disadvantaged and remote communities. Many diseases, nutrient deficiencies and other health problems that could be easily avoided with basic hygiene and health knowledge are still prevalent in many communities.

The state of the environment is equally dire. Nepal is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate chance and issues like air pollution, plastic waste, riverbed extraction, land plotting and chemical based conventional farming practice cause severe damage to the environment. And even though many solutions are there – the general awareness is not. Most people don’t recognize the connection between their own actions and the destruction of the environment. Sustainable approaches are hardly known among the local population.

Lack of education has direct consequences and especially women are disadvantaged. Gender inequality is still very prevalent and many girls drop out of school early- often involuntarily. Without higher education or a career, plenty of them end up in financially in other ways abusive situations.

Our approach

Integrated & interdisciplinary - showing how everything is connected

Through the different projects and programs of the Akasha Training Center, the local population in Gokarneshwor municipality is offered quality education, support and practical solutions into the current pressing social, environmental and health challenges that the communities are facing.

Through the interdisciplinary approach based on Universal Ethics, the local people are shown how protecting the environment and their health are connected and realize the impact of their actions in a practical way. For example: If you destroy the soil with chemicals you don’t only harm yourself by not having a sustainable source of food – but you also pollute the waters and destroy the crops of your neighbour.

Through this integrated approach and practical examples that people can easily understand, the Akasha Training Center inspires the whole community, and women specifically, to work together to create a positive change.


Project Summary


Project active since 2022 and will continue until June 2025


Gokarneshwor municipality, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal


Ca. 1600 local people, specifically school children, women groups, teachers, small-holder farmers and community health personnel





“My life is so different after starting the Traineeship. I’m much more confident than before. I used to be afraid of making decisions.”

Susmita, 1st cohort of Akasha Traineeship

“This Traineeship has been a great learning experience giving me great value and skills. Every single experience has taught me so much and made me stronger. I want to keep learning more and work as a changemaker in a society because I saw various problems of women while doing research in different communities about menstrual health.” Muskan, 2nd cohort of Akasha Traineeship

“My experience at the Traineeship has been very comfortable and I’m enjoying it. There are so many classes that I’m very excited to learn and I learned already such as drama and acrobatics, hygiene, environment and community work.”

Nisha, 1st cohort of Akasha Traineeship

“I’ve learned a lot of things like environment, health, and also English, nutrition, prevention self-defence and acrobatics.  I have developed my self-confidence, English and I got a chance to do a job internship in NIDISI organization. I feel so lucky. Panchi, 2nd cohort of Akasha Traineeship

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