Akasha Education

Akasha Education

Akasha Education offers comprehensive training programs in holistic Western and ancient Eastern medicine in an international and interdisciplinary context. All programs are based on universal ethics and aim to develop self-responsibility and the skills necessary to face current and future challenges in the world.

Following the principle of “straight body, straight mind”, the foundation of this integrated approach is physical training to develop strength and capacity.

If you are interested in joining one of our future programs, please get in touch.

Current Programs:

Basic Course – Akasha Traineeship

The Akasha Traineeship offers young women in Nepal the space to make their own decisions in life and to be of benefit for others.
The unique training and orientation program combines topics related to health, environment, society, communication and physical training in a practical way.
In addition to improved educational and professional opportunities, the participants gain more self-confidence and creatively pass on what they have learned – making them role models for women empowerment in Nepal and bringing about a positive change.

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Future Programs:

Basic Level – Akasha Basic Medical Training

This vocational training program is suitable for people without prior medical education. Students will gain knowledge and experience in:

  • Basics of Western holistic and complementary medicine: anatomy, physiology, pathology
  • Basics of Manual Therapy
  • Akasha Training

Requirements are at least participation in all basic Akasha Training workshops and experience with this training. Intuition and receptivity to communicate with energies are helpful preconditions for joining this course.

Advanced Level – Western Holistic Medical Training

This training is designed for medical professionals who are interested and skilled in working holistically with a systemic view.

  • Introduction to systemic medicine and biochemistry
  • Anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology


Advanced Level – Asian Healing Arts

To apply for this advanced program, basic medical education (Akasha Basic Medical Training or other), interest in Eastern Medicine and experience with Akasha Training are required. The course includes:

  • Basics of ancient Asian healing arts
  • Manual and energetic therapies (massage, trigger points, soft tissue, spinal treatments)
  • Chinese Medicine Basics (classical, traditional, energetic)


Advanced Level – Akasha Spiritual Training 

The spiritual foundation of Akasha Academy is related to original Buddhist practices rooted in the inseparability of body, speech and mind. Students who have a connection to that and who have developed the capacity and strength necessary, might receive the teachings and instructions for entering the spiritual path of Vajrayana (Tantric Buddhism). That contains:

  • Mantra Healing, Practices from tantric Buddhism (Vajrayana), Dharma teachings
  • Akasha Training advanced

Akasha International School:

Akasha Academy international school will provide primary and secondary education with an internationally recognized SLC (school leaving certificate). The curriculum based on universal ethics aims to develop health and environmental awareness among other skills necessary to face current and future challenges.

Career options for Akasha graduates and teachers:

The aim of Akasha Academy is to expand globally through certified trainers, teachers and therapists. After completing Akasha Education programs, graduates will have the opportunity to open programs in their local area and to travel in order to assist other Academy locations with Akasha Trainings, as well as supporting onsite the Headquarters. (see Join & Participate)

Members of Akasha Academy staff will be able to enjoy and live at the powerful location of the Akasha Academy. The facility will provide all necessary conditions to entirely focus on one’s work and training with a team sharing the same vision.