Akasha Academy Recruitment



At this stage we are recruiting gifted and prepared individuals for the founding crew of the Academy.

Those joining may become essential parts of the Akasha Academy:

  • partake in moulding the foundational structures of the Academy towards its final form (design, management, organization, teaching)
  • become a teacher in your respective field of skill and interest
  • become a lead therapist in the service part of the Academy
  • run a branch of the Akasha Academy in any location around the planet in the future

As mentioned earlier on, requirements for the teachers / trainers include:

  • a general medical education including: medical doctor, nurse / professional nurse, naturopath (certified), physiotherapist, massage therapist, individuals interested with medical education
  • intuition, healing skills and receptivity to communicate with energies
  • interest in our spiritual background

Requirements for organization and management:

  • applied experience in:
    exterior / interior design & engineering, garden architecture
    business: management, marketing, etc


All members of staff will be able to enjoy and to live in the powerful location of the Akasha Academy site. The facility will provide all necessary conditions to entirely focus into one’s work with a team sharing the same vision. This unique work environment enables the highest quality client services and the opportunity to further individual development.

It is also possible to join ones work with any Akasha Academy branch worldwide. Akasha Academy provides accommodation and administration, as well as an attractive benefit package.

As member of staff, you also may have the option to further your training to deeper levels. Akasha Academy offers permanent students attractive accommodation and an environment enabling students to reach their potential. Students who have completed Akasha vocational medical training and entered the spiritual Vajrayana path will have the option of lifetime employment as a practitioner with competitive salary, work environment conducive to practice and peaceful surrounding to further their personal development. Permanent resident practitioners will be able to entirely focus on their individual Vajrayana training and the medical practice, without any need to worry about administrative necessities or accommodation. All necessities will be provided.

If you are interested to join, you may contact us here via email. We will send you the application form.