Akasha Academy Headquarters

Akasha Academy Suntakhan

Located in the north-eastern outskirts of Kathmandu bordering Shivapuri National Park, the headquarters will provide all the necessary facilities, environment and locale in the future, to support activities in education and spiritual development carried out on the grounds.

Nepal is unique in countless many ways. As the country where Lord Buddha was born, Nepal is also the home of many different original Vajrayana teachings and lineages. The presence of these teachings is still a blessing until today.

The Akasha Academy Headquarters will offer training and practice-based education, both in the ancient practice path and healing tradition of the original Vajrayana, and in modern holistic medicine.

Stages of Progress

Bringing Akasha Academy Headquarters into reality is a staged process. From gathering the indispensable local staff and team members, through legal necessities, stages of purchase, planning of the location, etc. Some of these stages can be observed here. However, changes in procedures are part of the process.

Altogether the basic site includes about 30.000 square meter, of which about 20.000 square meters have already been purchased. As a next step we wish to also purchase adjacent pieces of land for the living quarters of all our staff members, as well as for therapy facilities.

The hillside site will include the main temple, the meditation hall, retreat and resident houses, as well as educational and treatment facilities. The architecture will use the ancient Newari building style of the Kathmandu valley, enhanced by modern and environmental considerations, elements of Chinese architecture, Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy), and Chinese gardening design.

The whole construction will be integrated into the natural prerequisites of the site.