Akasha Academy & Branches

The Akasha Academy is an institute for preserving the ancient wisdom of the original Vajrayana teachings. The innermost part of the Academy is dedicated to the practices related to this ancient path. The public aspect consists of Akasha Training, Akasha Education and an associated treatment facility.

The future Academy will contain areas for treatment, for regeneration and for training. Practitioners of the Akasha Academy will apply specialized forms of treatment for each client. Treatments employed originate from: holistic Western medicine, classic Chinese medicine, energy healing and from the ancient original Vajrayana Buddhist path (see Training and Education).

The headquarters and future training center for Akasha Academy is to be built hillside, in the outskirts of the Shivapuri National Park, Kathmandu, Nepal.

As an international, growing project Akasha Academy continues to expand further to international sites, where services are needed. Since 2014 two branches of the Academy have been established in Munich, Germany and Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently, Akasha Academy Munich offers Akasha Training seasonally, in addition to offering healing services and support to the Akasha Academy development.

For more information about Akasha Academy Headquarters, Akasha Academy Munich and Akasha Academy Nepal please click on the links.

Akasha Academy headquarter
Akasha Academy Munich
Akasha Academy Kathmandu