Winter clothes for the students in Suntakhan

Autumn 2017: As part of our charitable work, the Long Yang e.V. in cooperation with the Akasha Academy NGO has been supporting the Shree Suntakhan Secondary School in Gorkaneshwor, Kathmandu, for several years now. During a recent visit to the school, we could convince ourselves of the progress: From pre-school to college, all classrooms are filled with students who are learning enthusiastically and highly motivated with skilled and cordial teachers. If you are used to the calm atmosphere of a German school, you may be surprised how here the lower classes recite the alphabet or some texts fully-throated, while the upper classes concentrate on the exams ahead. In the last two years, the number of students has more than doubled, the range of subjects taught has been expanded, and the graduations of the students are well above the average in the region. The principal of the school was pleased with the success, but he has further big plans, and in addition to the need for a library, he has remarked that there is need for winter clothing for the growing number of students. For many children from poor families, these will be the only warm clothes for the winter. The school will also benefit from the water project supported by the Long Yang e.V., which will provide a better supply of drinking water to the school.

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