Suntakhan water project in progress

Autumn 2017: During a three-week project visit, we could convince ourselves of the progress of the Suntakhan water project, which is supported by the voluntary work of the NGO members, by funds of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and by many institutional and individual donors. Due to the remote location and hilly grounds, the conditions are difficult, but the Nepali make up for this by commitment and craftsmanship. We could witness how in several phases the reinforced concrete construction of the two water reservoirs grew to a considerable height. The project is supported by civil engineers of the municipality of Gorkaneshwor. Professionally, a new, earthquake-proof design will be created, which will again and reliably provide drinking water to about 80 households in the Suntakhan region. The aim of completing the intakes and the two reservoirs within this calendar year seems very close at hand.